As part of the objective to act as a hub for collaboration and innovation within and beyond the Member States, CERN QTI experts are participating in quantum technology discussions and programmes in other countries, like the USA, Japan, and South Korea. Proposals have been jointly developed as part of the US Particle Physics Community Planning Exercise (Snowmass) and preliminary discussions are taking place with US National Laboratories (namely Oak Ridge and Fermilab) for joint investigations as part of the US Quantum Science Institutes programmes. Joint R&D projects are in place with the physics community in Japan within the International Center for Elementary Particle Physics (ICEPP) at the University of Tokyo. Joint investigations of future applications of QKD networks for sensitive data processing are taking place with South Korean Institutes (SNUBH, KISTI).

It is an explicit goal of CERN QTI to extend the number of collaborations across different international communities. The effort to implement additional agreements and joint projects with Institutes across the international HEP community will therefore receive particular attention.