Quantum technology is an emerging field of physics and engineering that has the potential to revolutionise science and society in the next five to ten years. Knowledge in this rapidly evolving field has advanced considerably, yet still, there are resources required that are not mainstream today.

CERN can be at the forefront of this revolution. Given the broad range of specialised technical expertise found at the Laboratory, it is in a unique position today to take a leading role in developing quantum technologies for its own programmes and as a general contribution to the advancement of science and technology.

The CERN Quantum Technology Initiative (CERN QTI) will define a roadmap and research programme in collaboration with the high-energy physics and quantum-technology research communities. Together, we will establish joint research, educational and training activities, set up the supporting computing infrastructure, and provide dedicated mechanisms for exchanging both knowledge and technology.



  • Identify possible applications of quantum simulation and quantum information processing relevant to high-energy physics.
  • Support local projects focusing on quantum simulation and information processing [....]
  • Formalise and extend the existing catalogue of use cases and examples of possible applications of quantum sensing in areas relevant to HEP.
  • Identify particularly promising technologies, focusing on a small number of developments with potential specifically for novel applications in HEP [....]
  • Formalise CERN’s participation in the pan-European QKD infrastructure, providing operational and technical support.
  • Identify and support pilot projects exploiting the QKD infrastructure for specific uses, in collaboration with appropriate research and industry partners [....]