The governance structure of the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative (CERN QTI) has been designed to maximise the integration of bottom-up participation and innovation with top-down guidance. The initiative is fundamentally a research and development effort to investigate the application of quantum technologies in typical CERN and HEP activities directly involving the researchers and providing direct opportunities for competence building. At the same time, oversight and guidance from the HEP community and experts in relevant national and international quantum programmes are needed to ensure alignment and co-development.

Based on these principles, CERN QTI implements a layer of knowledge and capacity building based on joint projects integrated into different CERN departments and experiments and staffed with doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. A Coordination Team of CERN experts led by a Coordinator sets priorities for projects and collaborations based on the CERN QTI strategy and roadmap and reports to the CERN Management. The Coordination Team is assisted by a multi-disciplinary Task Force providing technical, legal, IP management, and organisational support.

The initiative oversight is provided by an Advisory Board of quantum technology experts from the CERN Member States nominated by the CERN Council representatives. Integration with HEP initiatives (such as the HEP Software Foundation – HSF, or the European Committee for Future Accelerators – ECFA) is ensured by the direct participation of their representatives in the coordination team or task force.