CERN QTI is run by a management team including the Initiative coordinator, experts for each of the research domains (computing, communication, sensing, theory and simulation), as well as experts for the organisation of academic and industrial collaborations.

The project coordinators are CERN staff members and also act as liaisons between CERN and the company collaborating in the Initiative. During the monthly review meetings, the project coordinators update the CERN management team on the progress of projects, thus ensuring timely follow-up should any issues or questions arise.

An advisory board — composed of international experts — guides the management team, assessing progress and impact.


Alberto Di Meglio | Coordination & Quantum Communication and Networks
Sofia Vallecorsa | Quantum Computing and Algorithms
Michael Döser | Quantum Sensing, Metrology and Materials
Dorota Maria Grabowska | Quantum Theory and Simulation
Benjamin Frisch | Knowledge Transfer
Amanda Diez Fernandez | Knowledge Transfer
Mélissa Gaillard | Media and Communications
Anastasiia Lazuka | Media and Communications