The CERN Quantum Technology Initiative (QTI) is built around a core of existing projects and collaborations already taking place at CERN but will scale them up across the broader high-energy physics (HEP) community, in close cooperation with national and international initiatives, as well as with institutes collaborating in HEP experiments. The Initiative is managed by a Coordinator, a core group of experts for each of the research domains,and a team in charge of academic and industrial collaborations.

An advisory board composed of international experts will guide the management team to assess progress and results. Periodic reports will be likewise produced for the CERN management, the advisory board, and other stakeholders to keep track of initial objectives and impact achieved.

Through its members and activities, CERN QTI is expected to participate in international initiatives and collaborations, thus implementing and actively promoting Organization’s scientific and technological objectives, helping to keep CERN at the forefront of research into quantum technologies. Appropriate community channels, such as a “quantum technology forum” for example, with representatives of the Member States and dedicated technical working groups, will be therefore established to integrate the CERN QTI activities within core HEP initiatives and projects, such as the experiment collaborations, the WLCG project, or the HSF consortium.


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