Within CERN, CERN QTI capitalises on the existing R&D and collaboration framework provided by the CERN openlab programme in the Information Technology Department, where most of the initial investigations in quantum computing at CERN started in 2017. One of the first events on Quantum Computing for HEP was organised by CERN openlab in November 2018 with a broad participation of researchers, academia, and industry.

The CERN QTI activities and plans have been presented and are discussed with scientific and technology bodies within CERN, such as the EP department Architects’ Forum and the Computing Forum organised by the Directorate of Research and Computing.

The Theory Department runs specialistic workshops on different relevant topics using, for example, the format of the TH Institutes, extended workshops intended to structure the TH visitor programme around topical themes, make the best use of resources, share them with the community, and coordinate the activities with those of other institutes, universities, or research centres. A dedicated TH Institute was organised in July 2021 to discuss the rapidly advancing field of quantum technology and the role this technology plays in particle physics.

The CERN Knowledge Transfer Group is also taking an active part in CERN QTI, overseeing the identification of CERN technologies, that can be adapted and used in quantum technologies applications and the management of IP, and transfers between CERN and third-party entities.