Industry plays a critical role today in the development and construction of quantum technologies. Companies such IBM, Google, Microsoft, Honeywell, or Atos have put in place R&D programmes to develop quantum computers and are rapidly moving from devices with a handful of qubits to roadmaps that foresee the availability of many hundreds of physical qubits as early as 2023. Close collaboration with industry to get early access to technology and conversely to define co-development efforts is therefore critical to the success of the CERN QTI roadmap. As of today, joint R&D projects and in some cases commercial agreements for procurement of quantum-computing capabilities have been set up. CERN is currently a Hub Member of the IBM Q Network and Member of the Atos User Club together with prominent research and academic centres, computing facilities and industries, such as Fraunhofer, Juelich, LRZ, Oak Ridge, Brookhaven, Keio University, Daimler, and Cambridge Quantum Computing.