CERN to host International Conference on Quantum Technology for High-Energy Physics (QT4HEP22)




We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the International Conference on Quantum Technology for High-Energy Physics, which will be hosted at CERN on 1–4 November 2022. The event will take place in the CERN Main Auditorium, with featured sessions being broadcast live.

The conference will serve as a forum to discuss both the potential of and the challenges surrounding the nascent quantum technology and what overall impact this new frontier of science might have on high-energy physics (HEP). Bringing the whole community together, we will discuss recent developments in the field and keep looking for those activities within HEP and beyond that can most benefit from the application of quantum technologies.

Spread across four days, the event will cover a number of topics ranging from four quantum technology areas (theory, sensing, computing and communication) to collaboration with academia and industry, entrepreneurship, training and education activities. There will also be a series of tutorials and hands-on sessions co-developed with companies and providers, to explore the fascinating field of quantum science to its fullest extent.

Following a successful workshop on quantum computing in 2018 that marked the beginning of a range of new investigations into quantum computing at CERN, this is the first edition of the QT4HEP conference and a great opportunity to share knowledge and ideas, advance quantum expertise and skills and foster common activities with academia and industry on national and international levels.

Join us as we unlock the full potential of innovative quantum technology and its great promise to support scientific research!

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