IBM Quantum Platforms: A Quantum Battery Perspective



Quantum batteries (QBs) recently emerged as a fast-growing and very active field of research in the domain of quantum technologies. Very remarkably, the first experimental evidence of a QB has been reported less than one year ago and in this paper the aurthors characterise for the first time the performances of IBM quantum chips as quantum batteries, specifically addressing the single-qubit Armonk processor. By exploiting the Pulse access enabled to some of the IBM Quantum processors via the Qiskit package, the advantages and limitations of different profiles for classical drives used to charge these miniaturised batteries are investigated, establishing the optimal compromise between charging time and stored energy. With this analysis, the aurthors have demonstrated that it is possible to achieve very good energy storage in a very short time with respect to the typical relaxation and dephasing time of the considered device. This timely analysis could open new and fascinating perspectives in the fast-developing field of quantum batteries and in the more general context of energy transfer devices.